New business centre of the Sicilian Region in Palermo

Design competition for the new business centre of the Sicilian Region

In 2019, the Regional Sicilian Government launched a public contest for the design of its new headquarter with the idea of centralizing its different administrative functions and investee companies that are currently distributed in different locations throughout the city.

The aim of the intervention is to create a hub that would reduce functional difficulties and ensure greater efficiency in the services provided to citizens and municipal administrations. This would also help cutting unnecessary trips and considerably reduce impacts in traffic and pollution.

TRT Ingegneria participated to the contest with the role of mobility expert, together with a wider consortium composed by MJW Structures (Italy), MATE Engineering (Italy) and led by Xaveer De Geyter Architects (Belgium).

TRT Ingegneria had the role of organising the public and private mobility system by defining the circulation scheme, the parking system, and the intramodality with the “Ugo La Malfa” railway station of the Palermo bypass.

The proposal ranked among the top five over 30 participants during the first phase of the public contest, thus gaining access to the second phase of the competition.


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Project Description

Regione Siciliana

2020 – 2021

Tito Stefanelli