Cornaredo (Lugano) Masterplan

NQC Masterplan – New Cornaredo District


After an international competition (first place), TRT was commissioned to design the mobility aspects of the new Cornaredo district entrance in Lugano (Switzerland) and evaluate the road traffic generated by the planned land use.


The project was composed of 3 main phases:

  • The contest (won) (2005);
  • The Master Plan (2006);
  • The Town Planning Scheme (2007).





During the various stages, TRT activities concerned:

  • the definition and functional assessment of connection between local and the main urban road system;
  • the definition functional assessment of local road system for district’s traffic distribution.

Definition of cycling and pedestrian paths to connect the new district and the green areas;

Definition, measuring and management of parking lots and  parking facilities at the end-station of public transports (Park&Ride);

The translation of planning choices in regulations  in the Traffic Plan, by means of a Mobility Index, i.e. the maximum number of peak hour trips allowable per unit of building area.


Project Description

Grande Lugano, Canton ticino

2004 – 2009

Simone Bosetti