Impact assessment for the EETS Legislation



Impact assessment for the revision of EETS Legislation

TRT has been selected with the consortium leader RICARDO-AEA to develop this study, within the Framework Contract “Impact Assessment and Evaluation” active with the DG MOVE.

The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) Directive and Decision lay down the conditions for the interoperability of the electronic road toll systems in the European Union.

The study aims to supports the DG MOVE to assessment the impact due to the introduction of electronic tolling systems. Main activities are:

  • Analysing and reporting on the outcomes of consultation exercises conducted as part of the ex-post evaluation and of the impact assessment,
  • Providing missing data and information to complete the problem definition established by the Commission and validating the latter or proposing changes,
  • Assessing the impacts of lack of interoperability comparing three policy options against a baseline scenario. Impacts are elaborated for road users and toll chargers, with regard to direct costs, time losses and indirect costs.

Calculations are performed in form of an Excel-based model to elaborate with respect to cars, trucks and coaches travelling on international journeys.


Project Description

European Commission DG MOVE


Marco Brambilla