A21 - A5/SATT concession tender

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Assistance for the highways A21 – A5/SATT concession tender

The project had the objective of verifying how the proposal for a new tolling system, along the highwat sections subject to the concession tender, was such as to ensure the protection of consumer rights, encourage the economic growth of the territory, and be oriented towards environmental protection.

The object of the concession tender includes the highway sections SATAP A21 and ATIVA A5/SATT (Turin Ring Road Highway System).

TRT’s work focused on a series of elements and consequent impact assessments related to the introduction of an innovative tolling system involving the SATT network (currently an open freeway system) and also partially involving the A5 and A21 highways.

The elements of the new tolling system considered were:

  • Implementation of a “free flow” system to replace the current open system with barriers
  • User information system
  • Choice of payment method and service provider
  • Agreements with local realities to promote territory development
  • Redevelopment of barriers
  • Development of service areas

Concessione autostradale A21 A5 SATT



Project Description


2019 – 2020

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