Framework contract for the EC DG Regio

Multiple framework contract for the EC DG Regio

TRT is subcontractor in the consortium led by Ernst&Young.

The overall objective of the FWC is to provide technical assistance to support the review of co-financing request for major projects and thematic studies.

The scope of the FWC includes legal, financial, socio-economic and technical advice on thematic or sectorial issues associated with the major projects in the field of regional development.

TRT reviews the project dossier of co-financing applications though a so-called «Quick Appraisal» (QA).

Within the project dossier, TRT reviews the financial and economic feasibility analyses. The aim is  to verify that the analyses are methodologically sound and based on realistic assumptions with respect to the investment, management  and operating costs, the demand forecasts and the timing for implementation.

The QA of the project dossier provides with indications to validate the co-financing application, within the framework of ERDF, CF and IPA funds.


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