Ex-post evaluation of transport infrastructure charging policy


Ex-post evaluation of transport infrastructure charging policy: update of the external cost handbook and impact assessment of future legislative proposals

The 1999 Eurovignette Directive del 1999 regulates the taxation of heavy goods vehicles for the use of road infrastructures in Europe, with a view to preventing the imposition of discriminatory tax rates by Member States. The directive does not oblige the Member States to introduce road charges, but specifies that tolls should be related to the costs of building, managing and developing the infrastructure.

The study was articulated into three phases: (i) the ex-post evaluation of the effects of the existing directive and the level of enforcement within the respective national systems; (ii) the ex-ante evaluation of the impacts of possible revisions of the Directive and (iii) the update of the monetary values from the Handbook on the external costs of transport.

The quantitative analysis of the impact assessment of possible alternative options for the revision of the Directive has been carried out using the European-scale transport models ASTRA and TRUST.

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European Commission, DG MOVE

2012 – 2013

Claudia de Stasio