EU survey on transport and mobility


EU survey on issues related to transport and mobility

Nowadays, a reliable analysis of the transport system which allow to monitor the achievement of goals set by the European policy require the availability of updated mobility data.

In line with this concept, in 2013 (and again in 2018) the European Commission launched a study involving the design of a questionnaire for a survey that investigate the mobility habits of people at European level.

The survey involves 1000 individuals for each of the 28 European countries. In addition to traditional socio-demographic data and daily mobility habits, the survey deeply investigates: the role of long distance trips by mode and by purpose; the tendency to make multimodal trips; the awareness of the opportunities offered by mobile applications and innovative ICT solutions.

These studies, both coordinated by TRT and implemented by IPSOS, follow the same methodological approach. This guarantees continuity in data collection allowing for data comparability, definition of trends and monitoring the impact of transport policies.


Project Description

European Commission – Joint Research Centre IPTS Siviglia

2014 and 2018 (ongoing)

Davide Fiorello