Santa Caterina Valfurva - Smart Territory

Santa Caterina Valfurva – Smart Territory – Autofree

The assistance for the implementation of the Santa Caterina Smart Territory strategy is focused on the Santa Caterina car-free project. The activities, which take place in collaboration with Ambiente Italia (leader) and Polinomia, concern four points:


  • Parking  policy;
  • Definition of practical interventions on urban furniture;
  • Ski Bus service provision;
  • Strategies for implementing interventions to limit vehicles access to the road to  Forni, second largest regional alpine glacier.


TRT is in charge of putting in place solutions for vehicle traffic reduction in the tourist resort of Santa Caterina, through the design of public transport services that guarantee access to resident and tourists.

Moreover, TRT contributes to the identification of possible solutions for the progressive closure to traffic of the Forni’s road, through measures of regulation and/or pricing.

Both strategies aim to reduce the traffic that crosses the center of Santa Caterina, increasing the environmental quality and the tourist attractiveness of the town..


Archivio progetti

Project Description

Regional Agency for Agricoltural Services (ERSAF), Valfurva Municipality

2018 – on-going

Andrea Selan