EasyConnecting WP4

EasyConnecting – “Europe-Adriatic Sea-way freight” – IPA Adriatico CBC 2007-2014

TRT conducted a study on the following activities:

  • an analysis of multi modal demand interesting the regional logistic platform, and in particular the connections with the hinterland, an analysis of bottlenecks and a feasibility analysis of new intermodal connections (WP4);
  • the organization of a training seminar, and the preparation of related supporting material for logistics operators of the Italian regions involved and the countries of the eastern Adriatic (WP5);
  • the formulation of guidelines for the development of new Intermodal Logistics Centres and for the identification of innovative solutions for the transport of goods (WP7).EasyConnecting_1


Project Description

SVIM Sviluppo Marche Spa

2015 – 2016

Enrico Pastori