Support to JRC transport modelling platform

ASTRA-ЕС model update and improved interaction with multimodal network assignment tools

Astra_Model_1ASTRA is an integrated strategic model employed for policy assessment in the transport and energy field. The model is based on the System Dynamics approach and built in Vensim; it simulates the interaction between the transportation system and the environmental and economy modules. It is developed by TRT and used for several years by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

TRT supported the use of ASTRA by JRC in two studies:

  • In 2016-2017 for the development of specific software code aimed at elaborating the linkage between the ASTRA-EC model and a multimodal network assignment model in terms of transport demand matrices for passenger and freight;
  • In 2019 for the update and enhancement of the ASTRA-EC model , including all EU28 Member States and calibrating to the 2016 EU Reference scenario. Furthermore, other improvements in the structure of transport and trade modules will be implemented. Finally, the development of more flexible set-up of scenarios and linkage with other (network-type) models is planned.


Project Description

European Commission, Joint Research Center – Institute For Prospective Technological Studies

2016 – 2017 e 2019

Francesca Fermi